a beagle named buddy (ebook) jennifer carrico 9781483561998
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  • Formato: EPUB - DRM
  • Editoral: BOOKBABY
  • Lengua: INGLÉS
  • ISBN: 9781483561998
This is a story about a Mother, Father, and their son named Brandon. Brandons a shy little boy who doesnt have many friends. One of them is a girl named Sarah who he really likes. He lives far away from school in a cottage on a hillside. His family always has time for each other at the end of the day; and at night before bed Brandons mother would always sing him a sweet little lullaby. In time however, Brandons mother noticed that Brandon seems sad and lonely. So she convinces Brandons Father to adopt a puppy for Brandon. Filled with anticipation, they go to the adoption center where a friendly old man greets them. He leads them to a fenced in circle where there were many puppies. Then one, a Beagle, runs into Brandons arms. They decide to keep him and name him Buddy. Brandon and Buddy become the best of friends right away. They would play outside and catch fireflies together. But Brandons Father warned him that if Buddy did anything wrong, he would be sent back to the adoption center. They were one big happy family until one day, it happened. When Brandons mother was busy with house work, Buddy decided to chew up her precious rocking chair. One that her husband made for her when Brandon was a little baby. When Brandons Father found out he was furious and ripped Buddy away from Brandons arms to take him back to the adoption center. Will Brandon be able to convince his Father to keep Buddy?

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