bill and tracy (ebook) joseph p hradisky jr 9783743809116
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  • Formato: EPUB - SIN DRM
  • Editoral: BOOKRIX
  • Lengua: INGLÉS
  • ISBN: 9783743809116
This is a series of books on love, relationships, and the idea that you dont always have to chase after what you want in life. There are times when it finds you. There are three sets of people in life. First are the white caps. People who are always on the move. Always doing something. Next are the backwaters. People who have no intention of going anywhere or doing anything. The third are the drifters. These are people who know what they want, where they are going, and what they need to do to get there. But it is all done in its own time. Like a piece of wood lazily floating down a stream.

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