dorothy dale's promise (ebook) margaret penrose 9783736419049
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  • Formato: EPUB - SIN DRM
  • Editoral: ANBOCO
  • Lengua: INGLÉS
  • ISBN: 9783736419049
The train started a second after the two almost breathless girls entered the half-empty chair car. They came in with a rush, and barely found their seats and got settled in them before the easily rolling train had pulled clear of the station and the yards. “Back to dear old Glenwood School, Doro!” cried Tavia Travers, fairly hugging her more sober companion. “How do you feel about it?” “De-lighted, Miss,” laughed Dorothy Dale. “After our trying experiences in New York——Well! a country life is strenuous enough for me, I guess.” “But we did have some fun, Doro. And how we got the best of that hateful Akerson man! I just hate that fellow. I could beat him!” “Your feeling is not scriptural,” groaned Dorothy,2 though her eyes twinkled. “Dont you know, if you are struck on one cheek you should turn the other also?” “But suppose youre hit on the nose?” demanded Tavia. “One hasnt two noses!” “Well, Aunt Winnie is well rid of that Akerson,” said Dorothy, with a little sigh of satisfaction. “And your cousins, Ned and Nat, have you to thank for the salvation of their income,” returned Tavia. “Us, you mean,” laughed Dorothy. “You had more to do with the showing up of that real estate agent than I had, Tavia.” “Nonsense—— Oh, heres the station where the girls may join us. Do let me open that window, Doro! I dont care if it is cold outsid

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