energy vampire slaying: 101 (ebook) dan o'connor 9781609846602
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  • ISBN: 9781609846602
Do you feel like youre getting the energy sucked right out of you when you go into work? In this book youll learn how to identify and neutralize the energy vampires and negativity in your life and in yourself. Everyone struggles with managing negative people, difficult customers, office gossips, angry co-workers, and egomaniacal bosses. Youll start at your source, confronting your inner vampire, then youll move to putting up your invisible shields against the energy vampires around you, and finally, youll receive specific tools and tactics used to defeat and defend against the toxic people and attitudes that surround you. This book focuses on tactics, or specific step-by-step instructions, rather than theory. Youll learn specific scripts, verbal patterns, and power phrases to help you communicate more effectively. Youll be given tools you can use while youre in training, and immediately ever after, to keep your momentum going. Of course, all of this is delivered in Power Diversitys unique style, blending humor, advanced adult learning techniques, and a little quantum physics, keeping you riveted for the learning experience. In This Book Youll Learn: • How to develop and use a Personal Compass • How to avoid saying the wrong thing, or using Danger Phrases— • How to discern the appropriate thing to say—complete with Power Phrases • How to identify and name the energy vampires in your life • Specific scripts to use in person and over the telephone when confronted with negativity or difficult people • What daily steps you can take to defend against energy vampires and difficult people • How the laws of science and negative vs.

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