faith to innovate (ebook) tecoy m. porter 9781483555157
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  • ISBN: 9781483555157
Faith To Innovate: 21st Century Tools & Strategies for Leadership Transformation is tailored made for leaders of any organization who desire to increase their effectiveness by becoming an innovative leader of the 21st Century. Todays reality is the rules have drastically changed. The processes leaders previously used to achieve their objectives are no longer valid and the traditional roles and hierarchical working relationships are no longer effective. The new rules have not only impacted the way we do business, but also our politics, social ideologies, and especially our faith! New times call for new techniques, methods and ideas all of which requires profound faith! Faith to innovate! Within this book you will learn: - Why innovation is key to being an effective leader and how to increase your capacity to innovate! - Why it s not just about the economy and what 3 cultural trends are significantly shaping the future of the worlds social, political and religious landscape. - What a coaching leader is and why it is essential for YOU to become one. - How you can (Re) Structure your organization s design to better lead, develop, and deploy your greatest resource people! - What culture is and how it is essential in the transformation process! - Why faith is critical to all innovation and why it s suicidal to be a leader without it.

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