financial principles & promises (ebook) tammikka lynn chambers 9781483501031
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  • ISBN: 9781483501031
Are you looking for financial freedom? Are you in need of personal financial training? Do you feel powerless over your money? Now is the time for you to gain the financial muscle to make healthy money decisions and learn how to make your money work for you. In Financial Principles & Promises, you will discover 40 comprehensive, practical strategies that will change your life and get you on the road to financial wholeness. Author and financial coach, Tammikka Lynn Chambers shares her personal experiences regarding money, offers her wisdom and guidance regarding financial matters as well as makes available personal training exercises to get you started toward financial peace of mind. In this impactful book you will embark on a financial fitness workout plan that includes: o Creating the right mindset about money o Winning tips to help you save money and put money back in your wallet o Applying simple steps to clean up your credit and get out of debt o Learning the key components to build a solid financial plan o Developing a budget that works for you o Yielding the rewards from being a faithful steward Financial Principles & Promises is the roadmap to get your finances in shape and provides great promises to achieving total financial health.

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