lamplight (ebook) seth d. clarke david andrews larissa hinton 9780985936105
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  • ISBN: 9780985936105
Lamplight A Golden Light Anthology Lamplight: A Golden Light Anthology illuminates Biblical truths and offers hope. Only the Bible is a lamp unto your feet and a light for your path, but this anthology, filled with inspirational short stories and poems, may help along the way. Authors Seth D. Clarke, David Andrews, Larissa Hinton, Lynda Lee Schab, Rebecca Grubb, Linda Tracy Miller, Delores Liesner, and J.R. Bingham offer stories of loss and healing, of discovery and adoration, of life and inspiration. Their stories weave together like a tapestry of the human heart creating a beautiful picture of light and hope. Step onto the path, take up your lamp, and follow the light with Lamplight: A Golden Light Anthology. *** Look for more books in the series - Lamplight : A Golden Light Anthology Christian and Inspirational Short Stories and Poems Gaslight : A Golden Light Anthology Historical Short Stories Nightlight : A Golden Light Anthology Childrens Short Stories and Poems Limelight : A Golden Light Anthology Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories Spotlight : A Golden Light Anthology Young Adult Short Stories

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