leadership: the moore management model (ebook) dr. tonya moore 9781618561985
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Foreword It is my pleasure that I introduced Dr. Tonya D. Moore"s second book on the Moore Management Model. Dr. Moore took on the challenge of leadership since she started her doctoral program. Her influence led me into my doctoral program which is a Doctor of Education with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. I also did a continuation on her dissertation as a completion of my doctoral program. I have critiqued her work as she defined the meaning as well as utilizing each element to bridge the supervisor-employee gap. She has also opened her own business (Moore Enterprises) where I am her Vice President. The focus of the business is Leadership. She has been a guest speaker assisting small business owners in understanding the correlation between leadership and passion. She has taught numerous of courses from undergraduate to graduate level on leadership. She has also held different leadership roles. The reader will find in this book a more direct approach for leaders by combining some of the concepts from the previous book with new information that will focus on leadership. This book will assist anyone that is planning to enter into a leadership role that may have limited knowledge in this field. A person can pick up this book as an easy read. Dr. Moore placed the historical side at the beginning of this book as part of the introduction but the elements are still placed in a practical view. The history is part of Dr. Moore"s dissertation and the background of the creation of the Moore Management Model. I believe this book will bring clarity especially to those who don"t understand the true concept of being a good leader. This book is instrumental to not only a person in a leadership position for a business but it can also be instrumental to parents since they are also leaders in their household. I always believe that the concepts use in an organization is the same concepts that should be used in running a household successfully. I am pleased that Dr.

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