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Living Reality ranks among modern spiritual texts as one of the clearest, most alive and accessible works on Advaita (non-duality). The book does for readers what "Sailor" Bob Adamson did for the author. And that is to take the seeker beyond the need for help by exposing the false reference point - the "me" - for what it is: a phantom created by the mind.This is the extraordinary first-hand account of James Brahas spiritual awakening when one of the worlds greatest non-duality masters stayed in his home for five weeks. During the summer of 2004, spiritual seekers from all over the U.S. converged at James home to hear Sailor Bob present the teachings that Nisargadatta Maharaj used to end Bobs search during the 1970s. In between Sailor Bobs lectures and dialogues are sections where James provides his own insights and explanations that address the myriad spiritual pitfalls and roadblocks that he (and so many others) encountered over three decades of seeking. He explains, in meticulous detail and from as many angles as possible, how non-duality addresses and solves them.This text goes beyond other non-duality satsang question and answer books, because it is the real life adventure of a determined seeker who spent decades in different spiritual movements, trying nearly every technique and practice that could help. When Sailor Bob arrived, James took his lucky opportunity to ask any and every question a seeker would possibly want to ask, no matter how confronting, embarrassing, or seemingly silly. The dialogues are so detailed and intimate that readers feel like they are in the room listening. James search began in 1970. By 2004 he had nearly giving up hope of finding. This book was written for others in the same situation.

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