pacific onslaught (ebook) paul kennedy 9780795335723
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  • ISBN: 9780795335723
Japan had mighty ambitions—to control the Western Pacific. The attack on Pearl Harbor devastated the American Pacific fleet, their primary obstacle, and they swept across the region. What ensued was a bitter struggle in which many thousands of soldiers lost their lives on both sides. This is the first book in Paul Kennedys chronicle of the Pacific conflict in World War II, concluded in Pacific Victory. Featuring a new introduction by the author, this book provides a close, step-by-step narrative of the Japanese expansion into the Western Pacific during some of the most brutal years of World War II. Offering contemporary analysis of war strategy, it includes a riveting look at Japans tightening grip on Hong Kong, New Guinea, the Philippines, and other key strategic locations—and the Allies inexorable struggle against it. These works on the War in the Pacific are as gripping today as when they were first published.

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