silent season (ebook) joseph morman 9781623098278
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  • ISBN: 9781623098278
Silent Season is a book for real estate investment beginners. It has two major parts. First, is the analysis of yourself. Are you ready for real estate investing? Most people are not. Many fail to realize that in order to be consistently successful at real estate investing, its a change of lifestyle, not a hobby or some part-time recreation. Do you have the proper mindset? Many people have poor financial disciplines which would cripple their investment opportunities. Real Estate Investing starts with how you make money, how you spend it and the ability to find other resources. Are you able to leave your comfort zone? The single most difficult aspect of real estate investing is your ability to speak successfully with total strangers. If your shy and cant articulate yourself or persuade another person to see your influence, real estate investing many not be for you. Should you quit your job? Everyones life situation is different. There is no universal answer to this question. There are steps to take, when quitting your job makes sense... but only when your ready. These are all fundamental questions that should be asked before you get involved with real estate investing. The second part of the book, deals with organizing your education and building your systems that will create success for you. How much money do you need to get started? There are different ways to answer this question. There are some investors that have never used a penny of their own money and have gone on to become very successful. Others, have used their own finances and have lost the investment because they didnt have enough in reserves. Should you find a partner? Share your glory or ride it out alone? The book addresses this issue and gives you the benefits and pitfalls or having a partner. How do you avoid the most common mistakes that are made? First, your going to make mistakes... everyone does. The point is to learn from them.

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