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  • ISBN: 9781547513604
The Maine writer, as many call him, was predestined to become the best horror writer in history. His literary career proves it. In spite of having to endure hundreds of rejections for his first stories and novels, destiny was written: the nail that held the rejection letters finally fell to the floor.
Stephen King began writing at the early age of eight, and would publish his beginnings in his first stories. The kids at school read his stories. It was not easy to publish Carrie, the novel that launched his career. Previously, he lived on many different jobs, and the checks he charged for his stories. Death and fear were always by his side before he dug graves in the local cemetery in his teenage years, as his first paid job. His tenacity and constancy made him be recognized as the "King", tribute to his lastname.
Here, you will discover his beginnings: since his great grandparents, grandparents, parents, poverty, his fathers manuscript box, his first stories, his time in high school he doesnt want to remember, college, his first novels, his job as an english teacher, his alter ego, his problems... and finally his success among the masses. This is a study of his first stage, Stephen Kings finest, the one that left an impact on us and the reason why we call him the king of horror.
One day his finger randomly fell on a United States map, in Colorado, on Hotel Stanley. He followed the destiny he was meant to follow. Can you guess what story it is?

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