the drifter and the samurai (ebook) george b. todorov 9780615995243
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  • Formato: EPUB - DRM
  • Editoral: BOOKBABY
  • Lengua: INGLÉS
  • ISBN: 9780615995243
Ischuru Yakimoto was one of the most skilled samurai warriors in Japan, but even his skill couldnt save him when he came upon the body of a prostitute in a wayside inn and in a rage, dispatched her murderer-the Emperors nephew. Such a crime was punishable by death and almost at once, Yakimoto and the young orphan boy who was his companion became hunted criminals, relentlessly pursued by the Imperial Guard. Thus, began Yakimotos incredible adventure, as a spirit, known as the Drifter, came from a higher world and took him under his protection, saving him time and again from certain capture and began teaching him the secret ways of spiritual growth and non-violence. The Drifter possessed magical powers and Yakimoto vowed that one day he would have those same powers, but first he had to escape the Imperial Guard and through a tenacious journey, with the boy beside him, he traveled across the sea to China where he was guided to a mysterious temple to find refuge. There he came across the ancient master who himself counseled the Drifter in his physical life and ultimately helped Master Yakimoto in his spiritual pursuit and quest for liberation. It wasnt until an unexpected turn of events and a final confrontation with his enemy that Master Yakimoto and the Drifter were side by side once again. However, with an unpredictable and baffling outcome, Master Yakimoto was left questioning the truth about himself and was faced with a decision that would alter his fate forever.

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