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  • ISBN: 9781405106740

Richard D. T. Farmer, Ross Lawrenson

Lecture Notes: Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine new edition, is a core text that covers the basics of epidemiology - preventive medicine - public health - the organisation of medical care. The book is divided into three parts:
Part 1
Written to provide background and detailed information on epidemiology and public health medicine. Casue and risk factors are discussed along with examples of theory and practice. The different types of epidemiological study design, sources of information and demographical data and studies are included.

Part 2
Evidence-based medicine is covered along with general principles on epidemiology. Promoting and educating on the control and immunisation procedures are dicsussed, with empahsis on environmental health and preventative methods and screening are topics highlighted.

Part 3
Historical cases and principles are reviewed. The effects on epidemiology and public health is dicussed in relation to the National Health Service, and targets and evaluation procedures are covered.

Lecture Notes: Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine is aimed at setting the basic medical science into a global and clinical setting. The book will appeal to all medical students and practising doctors who want to make clinical decisions based on sound evidence. Public health Nurses may also find this book as a useful resource too.

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