learning pentaho data integration: no. 7 maria carina roldan 9781788292436


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  • ISBN: 9781788292436
Exploring, Transforming, Validating, and Integrating Your Data About This Book * Manipulate your data by exploring, transforming, validating, and integrating it using Pentaho Data Integration 7 * Take advantage of amazing innovations in Big Data by using Apache Spark with Pentaho Data Integration 7 * A comprehensive guide exploring the features of Pentaho Data Integration 7 Who This Book Is For This book is a must-have for software developers, business intelligence analyst, IT students, and everyone involved or interested in developing ETL solutions, or more generally, doing any kind of data manipulation. Those who have never used PDI will benefit the most from the book, but those who have, will also find it useful. This book is also a good starting point for data warehouse designers, architects, or anyone who is responsible for data warehouse projects and needs to load data into them. What you will learn * Install and get started with Pentaho Data Integration * Learn the ins and outs of Spoon, the graphical designer tool * Transform data in several ways such as performing simple and complex calculations, cleaning, counting, de-duplicating, filtering, and ordering * Learn to get data from all kind of data sources as for example plain files, Excel spreadsheets, databases and XML files * Use Pentaho Data Integration to perform CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations on databases * Populate a datamart with Pentaho Data Integration * Use Pentaho Data Integration for organizing files and folders, running daily processes, treating errors, and more In Detail This book shows and explains the new interactive features of Spoon, the revamped look and feel, and the newest features of the tool including Transformations and Jobs Executors and the invaluable Metadata Injection capability. We start with the installation of PDI software and then move on to cover all the key PDI concepts. Each chapter introduces new features, allowing you to gradually get involved with the tool. First, you will learn to do all kinds of data manipulation and work with plain files. Then, the book gives you a primer on databases and teaches you how to work with databases inside PDI. Moreover, you will be introduced to data warehouse concepts and you will learn how to load data in a data warehouse. Finally, you will have the opportunity of applying and reinforcing all the learned concepts through the implementation of a simple datamart. During the course of this book, you will be familiarized with the intuitive, graphical, drag-and-drop design environment. By the end of this book, you will learn everything you need to know in order to meet your data manipulation requirements.

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