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Fillmore C F Earney

During the past century, scientists, world statesmen, and international entrepreneurs have become increasingly aware of the potential of the oceans as a source of minerals. This book provides an authoritative picture of the current state of marine mineral extraction. A major work of reference, it will be essential reading for both those engaged in maritime studies and for professional organisations involved in the extraction of underwater minerals. Professor Earney gives an overview of our marine endowment and how this is being exploited. He examines present and future prospects for ocean mining, especially for the hard minerals, and considers programmes directed at expanding our ability to exploit the ocean's mineral wealth. He also identifies the economic, political and technological problems which hinder and may even prevent ocean mining, and examines in detail contemporary political problems concerning Law of the Sea negotiations and the resulting United Nations Convention.He reviews our present knowledge of deep seabed minerals and their exploitability, looking in particular at the continental shelves and including analyses of petroleum resources and the important but often overlooked placers, construction aggregates, industrial materials and sea-water minerals.

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